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Bring fresh dialogue and insights to your workplace

We're super excited to invite you to a FREE webinar and to uncover the pivotal communication strategies that can drive success across your team's journey.
Hosted by Points of You® Co-founder, Yaron Golan.

September 6th | 13:00 UTC | 60 Min

This is a golden opportunity you do not want to miss!
Seats are limited.

In this inspiring webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to foster a communication-driven culture that boosts team motivation and productivity.

  • Discover the crucial milestones that can empower your team to reach new heights of success.

  • Dive into our unique 4-step methodology for conducting impactful dialogues and gain practical ways to integrate it seamlessly into your workplace environment.

Unlock the untapped potential of your managers and team members, enhancing their ability to tackle any challenges that cross their path!

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Join us for a FREE 60 minute session of inspiration!
Sign up fast – seats are limited.

Join us for a FREE 60 minutes session of inspiration!
Sign up fast – seats are limited.

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